Over a dozen years of teaching second grade in Chicago Public Schools and twenty-seven years of parenting have taught me a thing or two. My kids also helped me cope with grief after the death of my wonderful husband. The humor and poignancy here reflects these experiences. It's dedicated to my students, my family, my community--those who love me and saved me.


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   Seven year old Arthur used to sneak up behind me and utter in this crazy sotto voce, “You’re beautiful!”  Then he ran away and hid behind his desk.  He would also, sometimes, whisper in that same voice with the same exit plan, “I hate you!”  I always laughed when he said that because I knew it wasn’t true.

I taught a few hundred second graders in thirteen years. I formed a connection with each and every one of them.  Each one was a spark, a teacher who taught the teacher.  Each one was a wish.  More than anything, they were my angels.

I was called to teaching.  It took me years to realize it and follow the call.  I think my soul knew the right time and the right place.  This is the story of my journey of teaching second grade. More than a dozen years in the same school, same room and same grade.  I taught them reading, math, science and everything I could.  In return, they saved me.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​