Intro : My Angels

05 : Laugh-laugh-laugh

13 : Keep Cool! Or the Dream of

                    Air Conditioning


          Jude came in from the bathroom.  “Hey Lucy! I’m hooooome!”

I took a deep breath. “Please leave the room and come back the right way.”  He does.  It gave me a chance not to start laughing with the rest of the people in the room.

One day, during a math lesson my student teacher, Jane, was teaching the class.  I was doing an observation on another student.  I heard, “VICTORY!” shouted by my best friend Nelson. He was lying on his back, arms and legs in the air.  “Nelson! Come here.” I demand.  He comes and stands in front of me.  “Did you just shout victory?” 


Seven year old Arthur used to sneak up behind me and utter in this crazy sotto voce, “You’re beautiful!”  Then he ran away and hid behind his desk.  He would also, sometimes, whisper in that same voice with the same exit plan, “I hate you!”  I always laughed when he said that because I knew it wasn’t true.

I taught a few hundred second graders in thirteen years. I formed a connection with each and every one of them.  Each one was a spark, a teacher who taught the teacher.  Each one was a wish.  More than anything, they were my angels.

Selected Chapters from

Angels in My Classroom:

How Second Graders Saved My Life

By Lee-Ann Meredith