​"The politicians and the media lately have been using public school teachers as punching bags. Second-grade teacher Lee-Ann Meredith's Angels in My Classroom comes at exactly the right time as an antidote, reminding us how teachers can and do change lives for the better every day.

"In Angels in My Classroom, you'll not only get to know Meredith as a teacher, but you'll develop bonds with a host of grade-schoolers as well. It may have been a while since you were in second grade, but you'll recognize the youngsters Meredith writes about--we all went to school with characters like these, or know them from talking to the children in our lives today. Read a little of Angels in My Classroom, and you'll be reminiscing about your own grade school days in no time.

"The title refers to the kids, but Meredith's work proves the youngsters aren't the only angels in the classroom."

     --William S. Bike

     Author, Streets of the Near West Side, and Winning Political Campaigns.

From Gillian McNamee

"I cannot tell you what a welcomed relief it is to read a teacher's account of the heart and soul of what classroom teaching is like. The profession so desperately needs to hear the voices of teachers; parents and the public will eat this up! This is exaclty what we all remember about the important parts of school, but no one is saying it right now."


     --Gillian McNamee, Ph.D.

     Professor and Director of Teacher Education at the Erikson Institute.


From William S. Bike