Fahey Award Essay


By Kevin Fernandez


     When I was still in the first years of grammar school, I was a pretty crazy kid. I was literally bouncing off the walls and round around screaming all the time. I'm pretty sure that  some people were just  fed up with me,  and wanted to just  ignore  me.  I remember in preschool, I was at a different school, and it seems that every day I would get in trouble and my teacher would put me in "the baby circle" which is a circle drawn in the center of the classroom, and I would have to sit there for a time-out. That was pretty much how my entire school year was, with me being in the baby circle at least 3 times a week.


     Then kindergarten came, and my family moved, so I came to Murphy which is only a few blocks away from my current house. Kindergarten kind of went the same way, but instead of a circle where I had to sit on the floor, it was a chair. After kindergarten, I went to first grade.  I don't remember much of first grade, but I'm pretty sure that it went the same as the previous years. When first grade ended, I then moved onto second grade.


     For my second grade year, I had Ms. Meredith. To be honest, I was a bit scared, because whenever you passed by her room there was a framed picture of her face drawn on it, saying WANTED FOR MAKING YOU READ CHAPTER BOOKS!!! To be honest, I didn't mind reading much, even though I never read chapter books. But what scared me was how they drew the face, and it made me feel like I was going into a monster's cave. So when I first went into her classroom, I thought she was going to be a mean, vicious, monster that was super strict. But when I walked through the door, I just saw a calm, nice, old lady. (No offense but to when I was young, anyone with gray hair was automatically old.)


     For some reason, in second grade I think I was even more crazy, and things got more out of hand, then before. I cried, I yelled, I did lots of things. But Ms. Meredith never yelled at me.  She usually never raised her voice at me either, as far as I can remember. And she didn't just sit me down in a chair and said the usual things a teacher would


     "Kevin, you shouldn't do that,"


    "Kevin, that's not the right thing to do," "Kevin, you have to stop that!" Well, she did tell me that occasionally, but she did way more than just telling me what to do.


     Well for one, I remember that she had this box filled with objects that she said would help us cool down, or relax. I remember it had some legos, one of those trolls that have the weird hair that points up, and some more treasures and things. She put it under her desk, so whenever we needed a break, we could go under her desk and play with the little toys. That was one of things she did that could help me calm down whenever I was too hyper. Another thing she did, (which I think was the most effective) was make a folder for me, and it had a smiley face sticker on front. The folder was for me to keep and every day, before it was time to go home, Ms. Meredith would give me a sheet that said how I did today, and she would put comments on it. Then I would give it to my mom when  I  got  home,  and have  her  sign  it. I  remember that there  would  be  different descriptions on how I did each day, and Ms. Meredith would just have to circle to one that described how I behaved that day. They were comments like, "Did well", or "Didn't do good", and it has about 4 or 5, if I remember correctly. It was basically like A, B, C, D, F.


     But Ms. Meredith didn't just help me calm down, she also encouraged me to read more chapter books. She had a bunch of Magic Tree house books, and I loved to read those when I was in her class. I think that she encouraged me to read more than any other teacher did, and is one of the reasons I read as much that I do. I also remember some other things too, like when she would give big kisses on our foreheads, and I would try as much as possible to stay away when she was giving out kisses. I also remember her putting on a song that me and my friend Derek liked, lollipop. It was a fun time, and she would always be laughing when we would be dancing to it. Another thing, was when I would do that weird thing with my hands on top of my head, whenever I got excited. To this day, Ms. Meredith still reminds me of that and mimics the motion I made.


     In conclusion, I think that Ms. Meredith, was an amazing teacher, and an inspiring teacher, too. When we found out the my sister, Kelsie, was going to be with another teacher for 2nd grade, I was kinda sad a bit, because I hoped that she would get Ms. Meredith like I did, in hopes that Kelsie would have good memories with her like I did too. Nevertheless, she still had a good year. When I leave Murphy in less than a week, and go to my new high school, I'm going to miss a lot of things here. These people include my friends, my surroundings, my teachers. But the teacher I think I'll remember the most, is Ms. Meredith. Next year, and the following years after that, I will never forget my 2nd grade teacher, Ms. Meredith, and I hope that she won't forget her crazy, outgoing student, Kevin Fernandez.



--Kevin, there’s NO way I could ever forget you. You made me laugh every day.

Ms. M.

Kevin's Essay