Dear Reader,


Welcome to my website.  I have a strong desire to end that sentence with “Said the spider to the fly.”  That would be totally inappropriate and not applicable so I am resisting the urge.


Two years ago I would have been stunned if someone told me I’d be writing a book and then proposing it to agents and publishers.  In fact, my psychic did tell me that and I said, “Ha! I don’t even like to write.  I am just a second grade teacher.”  As usual, I was wrong and she was right.  I did write a book and I found out that I even like writing.  Also, I am no longer teaching my seven and eight year olds.  Life is just so strange sometimes.


I have been trying to follow my heart the last several years.  After my sweet, smart and snarky husband, Mark, died ten years ago, I had to relearn who I was.  I’ve changed just about every aspect of my life, and leaving my classroom was one of the last changes.  While I miss teaching, and my students, I know deep inside me that this was the path I was supposed to take.  Still, I will forever miss those popcorn moments when every child in the room is bouncing in her seat trying to get a chance to give an answer.  I miss that sweet moment when a child hands me the love note he wrote for me.  Most especially, I miss the laughter the class and I shared every single day.


That path out of my classroom was something I just couldn’t envision.  At least until I realized that my school, classroom, coworkers, and especially, my students were my safe harbor in the grief and loss I felt from Mark’s death.  The moment I realized my book would be about those children saving my life, the lights flickered.  (True story!)  Two days later, I gave my principal notice and here I am.


Let me know what you think of this new and grand adventure I am on. 


Happy trails,

Lee-Ann Meredith