Lee-Ann Meredith taught second grade in a northwest side Chicago Public School for thirteen years.  She had the gift of letting each child be a unique individual.  Funny, dynamic and independent thinking, she was a teacher her students will never forget.  Her idol is Ms Frizzle of Magic School Bus fame and she is often jonesing for the same thematic shoes.

          Lee-Ann was pushed, fighting and screaming into writing by the Universe.  She has found she loves putting her stories down on paper.  Her friends and family are relieved as it shuts her up for long periods of time.

          On a stormy August night in the mid-twentieth century, Lee-Ann was born in Gary, Indiana just like the Music Man.  Well, of course, the Music Man was lying and Lee-Ann isn’t.  Over time, she became the oldest of six children – four younger sisters and one brother.  It helped her develop her incredibly bossy personality.

    Lee-Ann had many childhood adventures – small but still adventures.  They mostly seemed to have occurred when she was seven or there about.  She often told these tales to her seven and eight year old students.

              Lee-Ann lived in a little white house in the country.  It was surrounded by cornfields.  There were a few trees to climb and lots of grass.  It has been torn down and replaced by a Walgreens.  Lee-Ann is slowly recovering from the shock.

          Lee-Ann married Mark Meredith in 1983.  They had a blast together.  He was funny, kind, and smart.  Everyday, even during the darkest of times, they laughed at life.  For Lee-Ann, home became wherever Mark was.

          They had a son, Alec and a daughter, Elena two years apart.  When the kids were thirteen and eleven Mark was diagnosed with colorectal cancer.  He died three years later.  While Lee-Ann was financially stable, she became emotionally homeless.

          Lee-Ann is a Usui Reiki master and admits to being a little mysticeven psychic at times. Her kids are now grown and mostly settled. She has two marvelous grandsons. Life is good.