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Angels in My Classroom

Lee-Ann Meredith's memoir, Angels in My Classroom: How Second Graders Saved My Life, tells a handful of her funniest, saddest, silliest, and hardest moments teaching. Her students helped her cope with the death of her husband, giving her just as much as she gave them. As zany as they could be, her students are forever her angels.​

Eight Things Teachers Wish You Knew About Them

Lee-Ann's article appeared in The Washington Post. Click here to learn what those eight things are.


This is a great read for anyone interested in a first-hand account of being a second grade teacher, who has a second grader or who was a second grader. On a more serious note, this book is also a story about how teaching (or any passion) can really save you and create resilience just when you need it the most. There is a great story here about a women struggling with loss and the resultant life-game change and how to adjust when thrown a major curve. All in all an insightful and moving book that also made me laugh.


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Lee-Ann has written numerous articles on education. Topics include: classroom management, education policy, elementary instruction, and opinion pieces. She especially likes the opinion pieces because shooting her mouth off is one of her favorite activities.